Below you will find our complete price list for all medical services available in our clinic. Our range of services varies widely, as we offer travel vaccination, work-related and preventive health examinations, issuance of certificates as well as general medical consultation for individuals. We have experience with issued insurance visits and international customers.

All prices include VAT.



Health certificate /Blå bog

902,50 kr.

English Oil og Gas/OGUK

1680 kr.

Chester Step test

1000 kr.

Shoulder measurement for English sector

625 kr.

Norwegian Offshore / Health Declaration

1680 kr.

Drug/Alcohol test

700 kr.

Health survey UNICEF

2937,50 kr.

Health survey UN

2240 kr.

Health survey USA

3425 kr.

Health survey USA, child

1200 kr.

Medical Certificate

Afhængig af attest

Engine certificate

625 kr.

Norwegian ship

2000 kr.

Swedish ship

1250 kr.

Smoke diver

1012,50 kr.

Scuba diver

750 kr.

Sight and hearing test

625 kr.

Heat certificate

1250 kr.

Health screening

Health examination with stress ECG

5500 kr.

Health examination with resting ECG

4400 kr.

Health check

1850 kr.


Medical consultation

680 kr.

Telephone Consultation


E-mail consultation


Blood test

afhængig af prøve


500 kr.

Full blood screen incl. minerals



400 kr.

ECG for bicycle test

1950 kr.

HIV blod test

400 kr.

Hearing test/Audiometry

350 kr.

Lung function examination/Peak-Flow

75 kr.

Lung function examination/Spirometry

350 kr.

Inoculation for streptococci

150 kr.

Gonorrhea urine sample

275 kr.

WR/Syphilis blood test

650 kr.


Vaccine counseling and review of vaccine status, without vaccination

600 kr.

Vaccine counseling (+ price of vaccination)

200 kr.


265 kr.


500 kr.

Reissue of vaccine card

50 kr.

Yellow fever

450 kr.

Hepatitis A

575 kr.

Hepatitis A+B, for child

560 kr.

Hepatitis A, for child

450 kr.

Hepatitis B

500 kr.

Hepatitis B, for child

425 kr.

Hepatitis A+B

725 kr.

HPV, Gardasil 9

1800 kr.


810 kr.


210 kr.

Japanese Encephalitis

1150 kr.

Cholera 2 doses

600 kr.

Meningitis ACWY

725 kr.


250 kr.

Pneumovax 23


Pneumococcus, prevent 13

875 kr.


350 kr.

Central European encephalitis, made to order

500 kr.


800 kr.


750 kr.

Tuberculosis test

500 kr.


400 kr.


2000 kr.


Below you will find questionnaires / self-declarations that you can fill out.


Danish health certificate, DK

Danish health certificate, UK

UK offshore

Norwegian ship

Swedish ship

Norwegian Offshore

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