Windfarm medicals – Offshore
Our doctors are certified to perform all offshore certificates for employee – for both oil/gas and Wind.

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Offshore Oil, Gas and Wind

  • Oil and Gas UK/OGUK
  • Norwegian Offshore Certificate/Health Declaration Helseoffshore
  • For the Danish sector we also issue OGUK or Norwegian
  • Offshore Certificate
  • Petronas Certificate
  • Shoulder measurement for the English sector – Bideltoid measurement

Offshore wind

  • Oil and Gas UK/OGUK – there are specific medical
  • requirements, depending on the destination. We perform
  • additional physical test.
  • High altitude certificate – Working to heights
  • Mast Och Stolp (Sweden) including ECG test
  • Chester Step Test with updated Orsted Protocol

Working at heigts (Sweden)

This certificate is valid for working offshore with wind in Sweden. We are one of two certified clinics in Denmark. The other is situated in Esbjerg. We have join a course in “Medicinska kontroller i arbejdslivet ved arbejds- og miljømedician” in Sweden and reviewed “Medicinska kontroller I arbetslivet”
The examination includes a medical examination, audiometry, spirometry, blood test, resting ECG and maybe a working ECG

Under the age of 40, lipid status and resting ECG are performed at the first examination and then every 5 years

Over the age of 40, lipid status, resting ECG and risk assessment are performed every 2 years

If the risk assessment is elevated, a cardiac stress test can be performed with a bicycle test

Your certificate for Working at heights is valid for 1 year.

You will receive your certificate when you leave the clinic and we’re happy to send it to your employer as well.

Practical information

Remember to bring picture ID – preferable your passport or your driver’s license.
  • During the examination, you will asked to provide a urine sample.
  • If you take daily medication, please bring documentation from your doctor or from the specialist doctor/hospital that treats you.
  • If you have been hospitalized, since your last off shore examination, please bring a printout of your journal from this hospitalization. Optionally, you can download this at
  • If you need to carry out a Chester step test or a bike test – you may consider bringing a change of clothes
  • If you need a Shoulder measurement for the English sector – Bideltoid Measurement, please mention it, when you book your appointment.

Most certificates are valid for a period of 2 years. If you do not pass the test or by certain chronic diseases the validity vary


Our range of services varies widely, as we offer travel vaccination, work-related and preventive health examinations, issuance of certificates as well as general medical consultation for individuals. We have experience with issued insurance visits and international customers.

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UN, WHO & Unicef

US Immigration



We have a long history of helping seafarers getting examinations, vaccines, and certificates required when sailing on Danish and international ships.


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