Examinations for Arctic expeditions

Medical office conducts all necessary national geological health examinations prior to expeditions to Greenland and we work closely with GEUS, Ice and Climate, KU and DTU.

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Practical information

  • Please bring picture ID preferably passport or drivers’ license
  • During the examination you will do a urine sample
  • If you take medication on a daily base we ask you to kindly bring documentation from your general practitioner or from the specialist/hospital you attend.
  • If you’ve been hospitalized since your last examination with the maritime doctor, kindly bring a transcript of your medical record. You might be able to download it from Sundhed.dk.
  • If you need vaccinations we can help you with this as well.
  • You can download the questionnaire here

Your information is of course treated with full confidentiality


Our range of services varies, because we offer travel vaccination, work-related and preventive health examinations, issuance of certificates as well as general medical consultation for individuals. We have experience with issued insurance visits and international customers.

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UN, WHO & Unicef

US Immigration



We have a long history of helping seafarers getting examinations, vaccines, and certificates required when sailing on Danish and international ships.


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There are several ways you can book an appointment as we wish to make it as easy as possible for you. You can either book with your NemID on our booking platform, contact us via phone or email and you can fill in the form further down this page. Kindly remember to explain what examination you need and we will contact you.

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